Sunday, January 07, 2007

Colmar Tropicale @ Bukit Tinggi - Revisited
Last Friday, on the 5th of January 2006, me and my family together with my mom and sis who came all the way from my hometown, went up to Bukit Tinggi in Pahang. I was there for the first time in 2004, and my youngest son was not born yet. The second time I was there, I noticed that the new castle is almost completed. Perhaps they will start operations this year, maybe.

We booked a two bedroom suite for 4 adults and 2 kids. The rooms were quite okay. However, I noticed that bathroom configuration was not as what featured on their website. In their website, it potrays both bathroom comes with a bathtub each. However, there's only one bathtub at the master room whilst the second room only has shower stall, not bathtub. As it was okay for my mom and sis so we did not request for another suite. This is how the rooms look like :
The air was cool as it was supposed to be. Not as cool as Cameron Highlands, of course. Later on in the afternoon, we went down to the Rabbit Park. As it was Friday, not too many people were there since it was a working day. As it happened, we were the only visitors at the rabbit park. My mom waited at the entrance as the rest of us entered into the enclosure where the rabbits are let free. I saw that most of the rabbits were poorly kept, most have fleas. Poor thing! But we just couldn't help trying to pat some and hold them lovingly. Afterwards we washed our hands. These are some of the cute rabbits at the park. We went back to our rooms and my sons had an enjoyable time at the bathtub. I also eyed some of the shops in the hotel compound. Made a mental note too of what should I bring home as souvenir.

That night, we watched a dance show in front of the water fountain. The performers are called the Java Dancers. This is what I don't see often in real life. The performance were ok, but the costumes and attires, well uhm.. don't want to say much. Sorry no photos of the dancers ;p

On Saturday morning, we had breakfast at La Blason Restaurant. Actually I was looking for mini croissants I had last in 2004. But they only served regular sized croissants. I was so disappointed. I took what looked like a plain one (didn't see any labels on the croissant) but it turned out with a chocolate fillings. Hmm not bad at all. Nasi lemak was just okay, there's fried bihun, potato wedges etc.. Standard hotel breakfast menu. But frankly I enjoyed breakfast at Hotel Seri Malaysia Alor Setar more than ever.. :)

After breakfast, we decided to head up to the Japanese Tea Garden/Botanical Garden. Here's some photo of Colmar that I took as we headed outside to wait for the shuttle bus.

We did not go to the Japanese Tea Garden as it was tiring to climb up the hill so we went down to the Botanical Garden instead. There's a koi pond and flower plants were planted on the steep slope. There's a path you could use to walk down further but as we didn't want to miss the shuttle bus, we decided just to snap a few photos and go back to Colmar. I also bought a keychain at the gift shop. It costed me RM8. Quite expensive huh? Unfortunately we missed our shuttle bus. I looked at my watch and it was 10.55 am. It was supposed to leave at 11.00 am. but maybe the driver saw that we're not going to go back yet so he started down early. Hmm.. so we waited at the shuttle stand for half an hour for the next shuttle service.

When we arrived at Colmar, it was almost 11.45 am. Not much time to spare as we have to check out at 12.00 pm, but my kids had their last chance splashing in the bathtub as we packed our things. We checked out at 12.15 pm. I went to buy some souvenir at the gift shop and then we said bye bye to Colmar Tropicale. Who knows when we're going there again. Perhaps in a few years.

But we sure had a wonderful time up there. :)