Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cute strawberry pillows.. and extra model :)

I was trying to capture some photos of strawberry pillows when my youngest son decided to take part. :)

Using many modes including night portrait, close up etc. Not easy to capture a good night photo esp with a 'moving object' - my son who can't sit still.. :)
What I bought at CH

My fav. 'asam limau jari'. Bought RM30 of these. Suitable to eat when sleepy at work

Boxes of tea, strawberry juice and jams. Loads more in stock :D
I like cameron valley tea, but don't like it too strong. one teabags for me makes 2 huges glasses of tea. My hubby likes tea with blackcurrant flavour.

Homemade strawberry jam by KHM at Taman Sedia. Whole lotta fruits in it!

Jam and juice. This juice is very refreshing indeed. Just add some water and ice cubes!
Nasi Bukhara @ Syed Bistro

Pity the rice wasn't warm, otherwise it would be nice. Nasi bukhara (my mom said this is nasi bukhari) per set (chicken/beef) is RM10.

Fruit juice : RM5 per large glass. Carrot and watermelon. I could only drink half.. :p
Taken when my sons were sick

Yiyi - chicken pox (8-13 Feb) but always full of smiles
Abe awe (fever: 9 & 1o Feb. 11 Feb he was ok. 12 Feb his temp was high again - he went to school and vomitted. no wonder as it is hot these days)


I'm not sure what is the name of this tree but they lined up the road in front of our apartment. When it flowers, the sight is something you you look forward too.. Sometimes a lost bee would come to our house and that's when we have to close the sliding door at the balcony. :)

My first try at the new KL-Putrajaya Highway on 6th Feb 2008

Not too many vehicles on the road. It was smooth all the way, 30 mins to Putrajaya. Toll rate is more than RM5 one way. It was easier to go from KL, but when we tried to find our way back to KL, we couldn't find find the way to enter this highway hehehe..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Abe awe's belated birthday cake

Abe awe wanted the usual cake, with icing and candles. but he didn't want to blow his candles, and asked his bro instead. Tok was also there to celebrate (not in picture)

Cappucino flavoured cake from King's confectionary
Jagung Mutiara


After.. sweet corn :)
Strawberry, once again :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Trip to Cameron Highlands - Day 2 : Cameron Valley Bharat Plantation

Trip to Cameron Highlands - Day 2 : Boh Plantation and Tea Shop @ Sungai Palas

Care for a cup of tea overlooking the vast scenery of tea plantation?

Hmm yummy. price is reasonable as well. RM5 for a slice of cake/pie

Apple pie RM5/slice

Scone @ RM5/set (at Bharat tea shop, you get 2 scones/set for RM6 if I'm not mistaken)

Teacino of various flavours

Souvenir - teapot and cups. Better buy elsewhere, too expensive

Tea Shop

Iced tea

Teh Songket (brand name, not made from songket of course he he)

For souvenir, u get the mini pack containing 10 teabags. (just like in the big basket) each is only RM1.10. Boleh beli utk satu kampung.. lol

Entry to factory

Rolling machine

View from the outside. please take note that visitors need to park their car at the carpark allocated way down this area.

So refreshing..