Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Trip to Cameron Highlands - Day 2 : Boh Plantation and Tea Shop @ Sungai Palas

Care for a cup of tea overlooking the vast scenery of tea plantation?

Hmm yummy. price is reasonable as well. RM5 for a slice of cake/pie

Apple pie RM5/slice

Scone @ RM5/set (at Bharat tea shop, you get 2 scones/set for RM6 if I'm not mistaken)

Teacino of various flavours

Souvenir - teapot and cups. Better buy elsewhere, too expensive

Tea Shop

Iced tea

Teh Songket (brand name, not made from songket of course he he)

For souvenir, u get the mini pack containing 10 teabags. (just like in the big basket) each is only RM1.10. Boleh beli utk satu kampung.. lol

Entry to factory

Rolling machine

View from the outside. please take note that visitors need to park their car at the carpark allocated way down this area.

So refreshing..


Fena said...

bila lah saya leh jejalan2 kat sini lagikss...uhukss...

umiyumi said...

esok lusa ni pun boleh gak, kitty :)

Fena said...


Anonymous said...

it looks like peruvian food! yumy!! =D

umiyumi said...

Peruvian food? Really :)

umiyumi said...

pegi le kitty. sy dah p dah thn ni. kitty lom lg :D