Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jalan-jalan Makan Kenduri
Jom ke Karak.. perjalanan dari KL mengambil masa dalam 45 minit - 1 jam

Lokasi adalah di kawasan kampung.. Suka tengok kawasan rumah kampung.. siap ada tanam pokok nenas :)

kaktus pun ada

pokok apa ni?

rumah tuan rumah
asalnya rumah papan kepunyaan datuknya

tambahan telah dibuat.. (tambah rumah batu la kat bawah tu)
kemudian jadi macam ni

dari tepi, nampak cantik, kan? seolah rumah banglo moden :)
yiyi cuma makan agar2

dan yang bestnya, dapat limau yang manis ni sebagai pencuci mulut :)
Restoran Satay R&K, Taman Keramat Permai

Restoran R&K is known for it's satay, but satay is not the only food served here. There's chicken rice, fried rice etc.. a la carte food. but besides it's food, the deco is something u should see.

there's an old trishaw in this restaurant. (this photo was taken by Abe Awe)

the unique thing is, there are paintings on the back

and on both sides of it. :)

besides the trishaw, there are lots of antique things such as typewriter, cabinets etc.. :)
My sons : today

It's hard to get my first born's pic. only at certain times he would be willing to pose.

Yiyi - these days it's harder to catch a still pose :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simple breakfast... but yummy :)
gardenia bread + sweetened creamer + milo
Nasi Ayam @ Jusco AU2 Food Court

Chinese New Year

CNY special performance at Jusco AU2

Monday, January 26, 2009

Yiyi wants this!
While looking for abe awe's study table at C4 today, Yiyi suddenly wanted to buy this!

but it's not for sale.. see how unhappy he is.
A very hot and sunny day


Can anybody tell me what is the name of this plant/flower?

Hot and Cold

ikan terubuk goreng asam jawa

fried chicken

just to drool a lil' bit. those fish and chicken were fried by my hubby. yeapp.. all the frying work in the kitchen is definitely in his department. yumm yumm.. (that's the time when I can be lazy and watch tv he he he)

waffle with ice cream (a&w)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yiyi in action

Selain menyanyi, meraung selagi tak dapat apa yang dihajati dan menggeletek orang, inilah kerja Yiyi.. suka posing lebih2.. :p

Jangan tiru aksi ini.. (adoi.. ni sbb tgk mat rempit lah ni)
Jeng jeng jeng...

Cara mengelakkan pencil case tertinggal/hilang di sekolah :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

After almost a month of school day...

Abe awe :
- left his pencil case and colour pencils once at school (thankfully both were found the next day)
- left his pencil case for a second time and it was gone
- dropped pocket money on the schoolbus and told us he will get it back the next day (sigh)
- spent all his pocket money buying food he doesn't want and buy ice cream for his friends
- spilled nasi lemak in his bag

Yiyi :
- always whine when we woke him up to school, and would sing after shower
- spilled his drink in the schoolbag (didn't properly close the lid of his water tumbler)
- stopped by on his way downstairs from the babysitter's house to play with kittens while the bus driver was waiting and waiting..
- stood without a care while the bus driver kept honking in his car (who asked him to bring a car and not his bus?) later on the babysitter sounded the bus driver that next time he should call out to my son since he's so small and how would he know that it's his transport calling for him?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baking projects

Mophead hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla)

Ohho.. lawanya bunga ni.. ntah la napa berkenan sangat dgn hydrangea ni.. tambah2 my fevret kaler nihh.. purple :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

From Kak Ina, ma pren.. with love
These, I received from Kak Ina yesterday.. her way of saying thanks after borrowing my book.. hehehe.. you are always welcomed to borrow my books, ma pren :)
And I really treasure your thoughts :D
p/s: Don't u want to read John Grisham's The Testament and The Brethren? ;)
Tomyam sup
Nak kata tomyam, tak macam tomyam yang biasa, tapi memang diletak daun limau purut dsb.. no tomyam paste, etc..
yg speselnya, boleh letak sayur kegemaranku banyak2, bunga kobis dan putik jagung.. so ala2 sup la.. tapi yang bestnya gerenti abis.. siap ratah lagi he he he..