Friday, January 23, 2009

After almost a month of school day...

Abe awe :
- left his pencil case and colour pencils once at school (thankfully both were found the next day)
- left his pencil case for a second time and it was gone
- dropped pocket money on the schoolbus and told us he will get it back the next day (sigh)
- spent all his pocket money buying food he doesn't want and buy ice cream for his friends
- spilled nasi lemak in his bag

Yiyi :
- always whine when we woke him up to school, and would sing after shower
- spilled his drink in the schoolbag (didn't properly close the lid of his water tumbler)
- stopped by on his way downstairs from the babysitter's house to play with kittens while the bus driver was waiting and waiting..
- stood without a care while the bus driver kept honking in his car (who asked him to bring a car and not his bus?) later on the babysitter sounded the bus driver that next time he should call out to my son since he's so small and how would he know that it's his transport calling for him?


haslina razali said...

kah kah kah kiut nya dorang nih hahahahaha gelihati tapi mmg logik pun yiyi wat derk jek sebab drebar tu selalu bawa bas tetiba naik keta apa cite kalau aku pun wat derk jek

umiyumi said...

tu aa.. drebar bas bawak kete. mana dia nak kenal. minggu ni lagi pening, terus tukar org, drebar pompuan lak, bawak gen2 lak dah.. isk isk