Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad news
Monday at 6 p.m, I received a call from my mother. She was telling me that my brother and his wife were involved in an accident and she was hurrying up to the hospital. I have heard that there was a fatality. I really pray that it was not my brother.
Luckily, later in the evening, my mother called to say that my sister in law had cuts on her arms and only need stitches. But my brother was injured badly since both were flung away from their motorcyles and he landed badly. It turned out a factory bus with a brake failure ploughed into several motorists at the traffic light and my bro and SIL were among the victims.
My brother suffered a broken right leg, broken shoulder, 2 of his ribs broken, dislocated joint and missing some his teeth. I wish I could go and see him at this hospital but my mother told me he is in a stable condition and the hospital staff are taking good care of him. As of yesterday, they have already operated on him and today he might be placed in the hospital ward.
Hopefully I can go home soon.
pic : the person lying on the road in the pic was my bro, and somebody, a policeman probably was at his aid. (reported in the Star, 13 January 2008)


haslina razali said...

ya allah umi harap2 your brother makes full recovery soon insya'allah terkezut kak ina baca

Fena said...

Hopefully he is okey and recover soon...ngeri la kalau accident2 ni...org lain punye hal, kite plak yg terkena...tension betul...:(

umiyumi said...

tu aa.. tgh rasa tension dan serba salah ni.. sedara mara seme pakat pegi tgk, kita ni tak tgk2 lagi. tp mmg salu la call tanya progress dia so far alhamdulillah..