Monday, February 04, 2008

Trip to Cameron Highlands - Day 1 : Dinner

We had dinner at Nassya restaurant in Brinchang if i'm not mistaken. The night breeze was so cool. There were not too many people around, maybe lots of people were at the pasar malam.

Bihun tomyam

Tomyam campur

Sup tulang

Paprik campur

note :
The food stall I was looking forward to visit was closed. So we had to settle on what this restaurant has to offer. My hubby said the soup was good. But I think what we have here in KL is much tastier. However, they do serve generous amount of shrimps. :)


Fena said...

macam sedap bangat jer mee hoon tomyam tuh...huisshhhhh

umiyumi said...

tak sure lak sbb sy mkn tomyam campur. tp rasanya boleh tahan la.. :)