Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My first try at the new KL-Putrajaya Highway on 6th Feb 2008

Not too many vehicles on the road. It was smooth all the way, 30 mins to Putrajaya. Toll rate is more than RM5 one way. It was easier to go from KL, but when we tried to find our way back to KL, we couldn't find find the way to enter this highway hehehe..


Fena said...

mahaiiinyerr tol...tapi senang ler nak ke bando ehh...:-)

umiyumi said...

tol RM4 sehala. pegi balik KL RM8 la.. tp sekejap je dan jln clear abiss.. sblm sy pegi lagi, sib baik jumpa jln balik ikut highway yg sama