Monday, October 27, 2008

My sons

Since my hubby was away for almost 3 days, Monday was the only time we could go out. Pity the boys had to be stuck with me all those times.. huhuhu.. sorry mama is afraid to drive.. hmm must learn again someday.. don't know when.

posing with their crocs hehehe

on your mark


just when they're in the mood..

went 'riding' at jusco alpha angle

yiyi with his horse and awe rode an elephant!

all smiles :)

Hey, where are you going? Giddy up... giddy up.. where's your cowboy boot and hat?

Later on, a treat for me : Choc indulgence ;)

An evening trip to Genting Highlands

I had to take a day's leave on Friday since my hubby had to attend some meetings until Sunday afternoon. Suddenly his colleague couldn't make it on Friday and will go up on Saturday. So, hurriedly we packed, and off we went.

The place : Awana Hotel @ Genting
Hotel rooms are located at the tower

It was already 6.30 and it drizzled.
Room on the 10th floor, 2 double beds.
as usual
i forgot to take a pic of the balcony. it was getting dark already, not much to see. but what i like is that there's a small bench outside where u can sit down and look at the green scenery
bathroom, with bathtub (not pictured here)
toiletries. before, it was only me who collect. seems now my youngest son has acquired the hobby he he he.. (it's the first thing he looked for just when we got home).

Monday, October 20, 2008

Chocolate cakes on Sunday

Not just one, but two chocolate cakes! On the left, I followed a recipe and on the right, a pre mix cake. Just add in water (i put in milk), butter and eggs.

from the pre mix

from the recipe, topped with chocolate ganache

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday's Menu : Chicken Rice




Chicken rice with soup :)

This is a recipe from Kak Hanieliza. Here's the recipe.
My son's drawing

This is the drawing by my eldest son, Awe.

A superhero with a dinosaur?

Buttercup :)
Testing my new oven

so far so good...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Latest addtion to my novel collections...

These are second hand books bought recently :) still in good conditions.

Let's see what's cooking...

For dinner last night : nasi goreng kampung (kampung style fried rice)

Also, we decided to test out our brand new oven

test subject : strawberry yoghurt muffins

and here's the outcome..
Latest FM - Fruits

jambu air

green apples

kelapa (coconut)

manggis (mangosteen)
The journey back to KL (Sunday, 5 Oct)

construction of the third lane for Penang Bridge

Penang Bridge

The traffic

After Jelapang

along the highway... traffic move slowly especially near R&R.
we arrived here in KL at 9 pm. it took us 7 hours instead of the usual 4 1/2.