Monday, October 27, 2008

My sons

Since my hubby was away for almost 3 days, Monday was the only time we could go out. Pity the boys had to be stuck with me all those times.. huhuhu.. sorry mama is afraid to drive.. hmm must learn again someday.. don't know when.

posing with their crocs hehehe

on your mark


just when they're in the mood..

went 'riding' at jusco alpha angle

yiyi with his horse and awe rode an elephant!

all smiles :)

Hey, where are you going? Giddy up... giddy up.. where's your cowboy boot and hat?

Later on, a treat for me : Choc indulgence ;)


Fena said...

hai..tengah syok2 tengok gambo budak dua orang tu berposing, tetiba kuar plak gambo yg buat org makin lapar dan lapar ini...takleh jadik ni...

umiyumi said...

takpe, org cam kitty makan le apa pun, takde org nak kaco nyer hehehehe