Monday, March 30, 2009

Finally... the search has ended..

at least, for the first phase.. he he he.. (nak cari yg kaler2 pulak :p)
the quest for my dream item - the ramekin
has lead me to this elegant one by claytan in Penang (can be used in the oven and microwave)..
and this one to complement my existing windmill's collection. but after getting both of the above, I have continued my search until finally..
my dream has come true.. :)

tadaaa...... buy as much as my hands can carry hehehehe..
p/s: ntahapa2 la merapu. anyway tunggu perasmian ramekin ni dgn hidangan yg lazat2.. cheewahh.. dah dpt kena semangat sikit la kan. ingat nak rasmi mlm ni tp mlm ni ada operasi lain pulak.. he he.. tunggu yee kak ina busyukk..
oh.. and for those who are interested to buy these kind of *ramekin can contact me ok, just EMAIL me.
*new & unused ramekins
Mat-mat hensem

akhir-akhir ni kalau nak bersiap ke mana2, dua2 orang ni la paling sibuk.. ingatkan budak perempuan aje yg particular pasal pakaian, budak lelaki pun sama teruk rupanya. nak pakai baju kaler merah la, dengan kemeja la.. nak pakai hair gel la.. sama menyibuk depan cermin kalahkan kita pulak.. :p

dan yang semestinya bila jumpa budak perempuan comel kat mana-mana, mesti disapanya.. "Hai.. " :D

sembunyi balik tiang sbb jeles asyik amik gambar abe awe


ni fesyen melutut pulak


amacam, ada gaya tak?
Food on Sunday

Nasi lemak with sambal tumis ikan bilis

for dessert : mango :D

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

to support earth hour, we turned off all the lights tonight from 8.30 to 9.30 pm. so it's time to light the candles! but life goes on ok, doesn't mean we have to sit in the dark and do nothing but zzz..

dh in the kitchen, frying some chicken sausages for the kids (and also on the phone).. thee hee hee

yiyi's mesmerized by the candles.. nice green colour

so what else we should do? since abe awe was still sleeping, i took yiyi's pictures

he he he
Kojack's Burger
here's a tissue to wipe your mouth..
while waiting in the car for dearest hubby to shop for some goods at giant, (the kids were asleep in the backseat) I noticed an orange vehicle parked nearby.. i had seen it earlier somewhere but today i had the chance to watch it more closely..
ohho.. after a while i realized that it is actually a mobile burger stall.. seeing the illustration on the vehicle and the sight of the next car's passenger eating a burger made me drool. plus, the tagline really made me curious.. it says 'we offer you better'.. hmm so i smsed dearest hubby that perhaps he could take a look at what i had seen.. so.. we ended up with a beef burger and a double beef burger for hubby..
the result.. hmm not bad at all. in fact, it was yummy! (maybe due hunger?) i'm not a fan of beef burger actually, and usually would prefer for the beef patties to be cooked longer but that was just great for me, maybe a bit spicy.. but it's good. :)
based on information gathered by dh, this is the first vehicle by kojack' if you spot this orange van with bald headed cartoon character, why don't try their burger's ...( and of course it's not advisable to people who don't like malaysian burger he he he)
here's their blog : Kojack's
Trim rambut

2-3 hari lepas yiyi minta abe awe trimkan rambut.. so ni lah hasilnya.. nasib baik sempat tengok, kalau tak, ntah banyak mana lagi kena trim :p

selain dr tu, abe awe pun trim rambut sendiri, nasib baik tak nampak sgt mcm rambut yiyi ni...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Going home.. back to KL (Sunday, 22nd March 2009)

getting to mainland from penang island via penang bridge (construction of third lane in progress)

bukit mertajam in the background. the place where i spent 5 years of my life.. huhuhu not in prison, dear... but in boarding school.. (which sometimes feel like a prison too :p) so near, yet so far from home :p

stopping by at R&R Sungai Perak. Only me and abe awe, while my hubby waited in the car while yiyi slept.

nice landscape but i prefer the R&R on the other side of the highway. it's more well maintained.

finally, we reached kl around 7.30 pm
p/s: sorry to kak ina and zara since i couldn't go and visit you both due to constraint of time. i only spent time with/visited my family members..
Yumm yumm..

food by my mom :)

fish curry (gulai ikan temenung menggunakan rempah yang digiling)

my fevret : bendi goreng belacan

kuah pedas aka rasam

sayur sotong.. nyum nyum

kerabu taugeh dan kerang
gulai udang
lempeng kelapa (tempek)

gulai udang - kuah pekat

gulai ikan talang kering (juga menggunakan rempah yang digiling)
p/s: kalu dok kampung lama2, misti badan naik mcm belon hehehehe
it's hard to maintain a slim figure if u stay too long at your mom's :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bayan Cafe
This place is not far from my mother's house- you can just walk to the place. And we call it Restoran Pokok Ceri since there are a few cherry trees in the area hehehe

abe awe and his cousin
An evening in Teluk Bahang

we were on our way to Batu Feringghi to buy some souvenir at around 6 pm. unfortunately, the stalls weren't open yet. so we decided to stop by the beach

the boys had a great time playing with the sand.. initially wanted to build a sand castle but ended up transferring sand and water :p

these two boys love water but afraid to dip in the sea because they said there are huge fish that would bite them LOL

and this is what we found on the sand