Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kojack's Burger
here's a tissue to wipe your mouth..
while waiting in the car for dearest hubby to shop for some goods at giant, (the kids were asleep in the backseat) I noticed an orange vehicle parked nearby.. i had seen it earlier somewhere but today i had the chance to watch it more closely..
ohho.. after a while i realized that it is actually a mobile burger stall.. seeing the illustration on the vehicle and the sight of the next car's passenger eating a burger made me drool. plus, the tagline really made me curious.. it says 'we offer you better'.. hmm so i smsed dearest hubby that perhaps he could take a look at what i had seen.. so.. we ended up with a beef burger and a double beef burger for hubby..
the result.. hmm not bad at all. in fact, it was yummy! (maybe due hunger?) i'm not a fan of beef burger actually, and usually would prefer for the beef patties to be cooked longer but that was just great for me, maybe a bit spicy.. but it's good. :)
based on information gathered by dh, this is the first vehicle by kojack' if you spot this orange van with bald headed cartoon character, why don't try their burger's ...( and of course it's not advisable to people who don't like malaysian burger he he he)
here's their blog : Kojack's

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haslina razali said...

weh nampak cedaplah burger dia sib baik anak anak aku tak nampak kalau tak for sure histeria nak makan nih....