Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Going home.. back to KL (Sunday, 22nd March 2009)

getting to mainland from penang island via penang bridge (construction of third lane in progress)

bukit mertajam in the background. the place where i spent 5 years of my life.. huhuhu not in prison, dear... but in boarding school.. (which sometimes feel like a prison too :p) so near, yet so far from home :p

stopping by at R&R Sungai Perak. Only me and abe awe, while my hubby waited in the car while yiyi slept.

nice landscape but i prefer the R&R on the other side of the highway. it's more well maintained.

finally, we reached kl around 7.30 pm
p/s: sorry to kak ina and zara since i couldn't go and visit you both due to constraint of time. i only spent time with/visited my family members..

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haslina razali said...

i missed this sight takpe bulan 5 akan ku pulang jua...