Thursday, March 12, 2009

From a friend, lilo

Yesterday there was a package in my mailbox. It contained this lovely card from a friend, lilo.

beautifully made
and i can't help looking at the details.. :)

and there's a nice shawl too.. i wrapped it around my shoulder and it looks pretty on me :D
and the colours really match

but best of all, there's a beautiful note from a new friend of mine, lilo.
thank you sis, u really made my day..

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Azie said...

thanks umi for dropping by my blog. and thank you too for writing about the card that you've received.

i feel honoured too if you would like to link my blog to yours. i definitely do the same too.. :-)

umiyumi said...

thank you.. i have already linked to your blog. :) stay in touch ok :D