Monday, March 30, 2009

Finally... the search has ended..

at least, for the first phase.. he he he.. (nak cari yg kaler2 pulak :p)
the quest for my dream item - the ramekin
has lead me to this elegant one by claytan in Penang (can be used in the oven and microwave)..
and this one to complement my existing windmill's collection. but after getting both of the above, I have continued my search until finally..
my dream has come true.. :)

tadaaa...... buy as much as my hands can carry hehehehe..
p/s: ntahapa2 la merapu. anyway tunggu perasmian ramekin ni dgn hidangan yg lazat2.. cheewahh.. dah dpt kena semangat sikit la kan. ingat nak rasmi mlm ni tp mlm ni ada operasi lain pulak.. he he.. tunggu yee kak ina busyukk..
oh.. and for those who are interested to buy these kind of *ramekin can contact me ok, just EMAIL me.
*new & unused ramekins

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