Sunday, January 27, 2008

Me bag from the flowerdrumbags

(Reversed side)

Love this bag so much I had to get it for myself. It's reversible too! But this side is great enuff for me :)
Laman santai - Saturday 26th January 2008
Laman santai @ compound area between the National Art Gallery and Istana Budaya is held every Saturday from 8.00 to 11.30 p.m.
These are photos taken during the rehearsal in the afternoon :

Do you recognize who's this guy? I didn't until my hubby told me it was Ali Terra Rossa. Previously he was in XPDC before he joined Mpire recently. When he was in XPDC, he sported very long hair.. He also performed his famous song "Bunga Angkasa" unplugged but I missed this song as I wasn't around when he sang.. arghh.. ruginyaaa...

One of the artists at Laman Santai. You could buy a painting, or get your portrait made for just RM30! While a caricature only costs RM10!

Pokok limauku dah berbuah!!

Pokok limau ni asalnya tumbuh di laman depan rumah tok saya di kampung.. Ada 2 pokok yang renek kesemuanya.. dua2 ditanam depan tangga. Saya suka sangat kutip buah limau ni yang berwarna merah kehitaman bila dah cukup masak. Ada orang yg kata buah ni boleh dimakan, tp saya selalu ambik untuk buat main masak-masak saja. tapi memang ada pun yang selalu datang minta dari arwah tok saya.. tak taulah untuk tujuan apa. tapi ramai yang puji pokok tu cantik sebab selalu di'trim' oleh arwah ayah saya dan buah limaunya tak putus2 berbuah..

Bila rumah tok saya nak diruntuhkan untuk projek perumahan baru dsb, ada orang yang datang nak beli pokok ni dan ianya dijual dengan harga yang agak tinggi juga. Mungkin sebab memang jarang nak jumpa pokok ni. Sepokok lagi telah diambil oleh mak saya dan ditanam di dalam pasu di rumah yang baru. Bila balik kampung, saya telah mengambil benih pokok ini dan menanamnya ke dalam pasu. Hasilnya, pokok ni pun hidup dan berbuah.. tengoklah buah limau ni, mmg cantik sekali. Saiznya kecil sahaja, lebih kecil dari guli.

Lepas ni saya ingat nak biakkan lagi.. kalau ada sesiapa yang berkenan dan berminat nak beli, boleh le hubungi saya :)

p/s: untuk makluman, pokok ni jenis yang berduri. kalau pandai, boleh dibentuk mcm pokok bonsai

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This is a picture of my youngest sister holding my niece, Himawari (not her real name). Himawari's mother is my other sister, not in this picture (third child in my family). I am the eldest, my bro the second (he's 30 yrs old), and himawari's mom (26) and our youngest sis in photo (20).

This photo was taken during hari raya puasa last year. At that time, my niece (i called her himawari based on Crayon Shin Chan's sister) was 7 months old. Himawari is the first granddaugther on our family as me and hubby have 2 boys and the same goes for my brother's family too. When she was born, I had a fun time shopping for a girl's dress as gifts for her. :)

I haven't seen her since raya and now my mother told me that she can crawl and stand on her own but of course she has to grab on something or someone to support her.. hehehe..

Himawari was born on 16th March 2007.

Monday, January 21, 2008

House, M.D.

My favourite tv show every monday night at 10.00 pm. If I miss this, I'll catch the repeat on Saturday.. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Seribu Tahun - Imran Ajmain

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Night photos
These are the best I could do with what I have in hand. :p

jalur gemilang

yikes! what happened to klcc, so blur like this?! this is just to remind myself that what I have is not enough. :( hohoho

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The One Kilometer World

As the poster says : The longest Pen drawing on canvas in Malaysia Book of Records by S Amin Shahab at the National Art Gallery.

Artline pens used to produce the drawing

Note :
No pen eraser nor liquid paper is used while producing this drawing. Drawing is still in progress and you can catch the artist at work at the National Art Gallery.
Cupcakes for the birthday boy!
These are cupcakes I ordered from willywonkabakesacake for Abe awe's 6th birthday to give away to his friends at school. Easier for the teacher to distribute and it goes with a goody bag for each including the teachers..
His present will only come end of this month. And it's a surprise!
Tom & Jerry cupcakes for Abe Awe:

I love the green rat the most. It's so cute!

I have been studying the roses so closely. How creative! (Flowers are for the teachers)