Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cupcakes for the birthday boy!
These are cupcakes I ordered from willywonkabakesacake for Abe awe's 6th birthday to give away to his friends at school. Easier for the teacher to distribute and it goes with a goody bag for each including the teachers..
His present will only come end of this month. And it's a surprise!
Tom & Jerry cupcakes for Abe Awe:

I love the green rat the most. It's so cute!

I have been studying the roses so closely. How creative! (Flowers are for the teachers)


Fena said...

wah...kaler-kaler...satu cup how much ehh..veliee nice...mintak satu!

umiyumi said...

hmm tak pasti la kitty, sy beli 48pcs dan ada design Tom & Jerry dan bunga ros + butterfly.. kalu kitty dekat sy dah hantar utk shasha dan ameera :) ehh dan mama dia sekali la :D