Monday, February 04, 2008

Trip to Cameron Highlands - Day 1 : the journey begins
1st Feb. 2008

At Jalan Duta toll plaza, luckily there were not too many vehicle on the road

Traffic came to a halt because the road had been reduced to one lane at certain areas due to construction. We came across a trailer carrying newly released proton saga. Couldn't resist the temptation to snap a few photos :)

If I was looking for a new car, I would surely go for this (but maybe I'll wait until a few months after the first release)

On the way to Simpang Pulai, we passed through Gua Tempurung.

No worries, signboards are strategically placed along the highway. You won't miss it unless you were sleepy (caution!) or not paying much attention.

Exit 137

After Simpang Pulai toll plaza, take right after the traffic light and take right again when you came to the next traffic light.

Foggy half way to CH. This is not unusual, maybe it's one of the highest peak. Visibility is just like what you can see. Be careful.

Among the first of flower nursery you will spot. That means, yeayy.. you're very close!

Signboard again. Only 21 km to Brinchang.

Schoolchildren riding on trucks to school. I forgot it was schoolday in other states. :p
All in all we took about 3 hours from KL to get to CH (if not for the traffic being slowed down, we could have reached there earlier). But what's imporatant was to arrive safe and sound and minus the sickness :D


Fena said...

wah..nie betul2 bercuti nie..siap ambik gambo perjalanan..leh wat dokumentari...hehheheh..:D

umiyumi said...

hehe bkn bercuti kitty, lebih cam wat assignment. keje amik gamboo aje le. boleh le tgk2 di kala keboringan :D