Monday, February 04, 2008

Trip to Cameron Highlands - Day 1 : Upon arrival

We checked in first at the hotel in Tanah Rata. This is our third stay at this hotel.

Reception area

Spacious : Toilet and shower area is separated by a wall (on the right) and bathtub is on the left.

Bathtub, for my sons - in replace for swimming pool :p

The dresser (comes with a hairdryer)

Super king sized bed
Note : we booked 2 rooms (adjoining rooms), the other rooms comes with 2 twin beds.


Fena said...

nie kat century pines tu ehh...bestnyerrr...:D

umiyumi said...

haah.. mmg besh le kitty. kalu pegi sana mmg stay sini aje cukup puas ati