Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This is a picture of my youngest sister holding my niece, Himawari (not her real name). Himawari's mother is my other sister, not in this picture (third child in my family). I am the eldest, my bro the second (he's 30 yrs old), and himawari's mom (26) and our youngest sis in photo (20).

This photo was taken during hari raya puasa last year. At that time, my niece (i called her himawari based on Crayon Shin Chan's sister) was 7 months old. Himawari is the first granddaugther on our family as me and hubby have 2 boys and the same goes for my brother's family too. When she was born, I had a fun time shopping for a girl's dress as gifts for her. :)

I haven't seen her since raya and now my mother told me that she can crawl and stand on her own but of course she has to grab on something or someone to support her.. hehehe..

Himawari was born on 16th March 2007.


Fena said...

lol..letak gambo adik buat pe..letak la gambo penulisnyer...kihkihkih...:-)

umiyumi said...

penulisnya seorg yg pemalu laa.. :D