Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I have been very tired lately. Got sleepy at work as well. So I have to get moving at times so as not to allow myself to doze off to sleep at my desk.

After work, I wish I could do lots of things. Clear all the mess, tidy up things, throw away my sons broken toys which I accidently stepped on sometimes. Ouch! But most of the time I could only do half of what I wish I could do before I finally slumped on the couch and not long after, became unaware of whatever happening around me.. hmm I guess I need to exercise a bit. I need to watch what I eat as well. Hope I can spend quality time with my family, especially my kids.

Hmm~~ so sleepy now.
Meanwhile, can't resist posting some cute photos. These could keep me awake. :)

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