Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Some people have been asking us when we are going to invite them over to our house for 'open house'. Last year we had one. This year I don't feel great in term of spirit and energy so maybe if I organize one, I will invite only a few selected family friends. Reasons for me being tired is due to the fact that these days we have been doing a lot of travel and my hubby is also busy at work, sometimes he has to work until late and also there are functions he has to get involved in. During weekends sometimes we have my sister in law coming to stay so I had to do the cooking so it was no-rest for me also.

This weekend is unlikely too. Since I'm looking forward to do some 'spring' cleaning. Need to wash the bathrooms, wash the cushion covers and tidy up my kids' room. Their room is supposed to be their bedroom as well but they only use is as playroom, whereas they prefer to sleep on the couch in front of the tv and watch cartoons until wee hours in the morning; many times leaving the tv on until me or my hubby switch it off. So, perhaps next week is the best time to organize an 'open-house'. But of course, for selected friends only and upon approval by my hubby.

Last weekend we took my sis in law for a trip to CH. Since she had been asking us when we're taking her, and also we don't want to postpone our promise to the next year. This time I discovered too that my newly
activated GPRS phone could take photos and send to my email as well. (Actually I should be able to use USB cable from my handphone to my pc but when I tried to transfer files, only the first time was a success. Maybe there's something wrong with the cable?)

I also include some photos we took during our trip to the highland.

on short note : I'm not used to post in so maybe this is among the first of perhaps many tries on blog posting. Hope it works even though I had to find ways to adjust pics and text.

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