Sunday, November 25, 2007

Eye on Malaysia - Finally

After almost a year, we set foot at Tasik Titiwangsa on Sunday, 25th Nov. 2007 to ride the one and only - Eye on Malaysia (eye on some part of KL actually)

This was not a planned trip. Yes, I did mentioned to my husband that since my cousin Cik Minah has taken a ride on the giant ferris wheel, it's a shame that we who stayed in KL do not want to take the chance (Cik Minah lives in Penang and came here 2 weeks ago on a school visits). So I said, I wanted to buy a key chain at the souvenir shop. Suddenly my hubby said, okay, let's ride Eye on Malaysia as well.. Of course all of us were so excited at the idea!

We parked our car at the National Art Gallery and walked to Tasik Titiwangsa (just a 10 minutes walk)

Abe awe and yiyi at our home's parking area

Eye on Malaysia (side and front view)

Ticket booth (adult at RM15/each and Child at RM8/each)

This is where we queue

Notice the 2 big wheels on the left and right which rotates the giant wheel

The views from above as in photos below :

Petronas twin tower

My sons couldn't contain their excitement

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