Thursday, November 08, 2007


I am still learning to use my digital camera, a nikon coolpix s200.

I wish I can afford to buy a better camera, a DSLR maybe. But photography is not easy without knowing the techniques and having the right skills. The last time I was involved in photography was aeons ago during my university years. We only had photography sessions or perhaps only one that I could remember. Therefore, there wasn't enough exposures and experience that I could gain. At least the club I joined at school was better, even if the 3 of us had to share one camera and we also did spend a lot of time in the dark room.

So what I could do with just what I have? I'm not sure at all if it has any value to others. But what can I say is that at this moment what I could do is bring out the best of what I have.

my old school. I took this while moving in a car (my hubby was driving, of course ;) )

Short note:
Photos taken from Sept onwards were results of my nikon. Previous photos (before Sept 07) was taken using my sony ericsson K310i

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