Monday, June 16, 2008

Breakfast ideas

Pancakes on Saturday. I copied the recipe from Kak Ummi who copied it from someone else.. but I modified the recipe a bit (add in some sugar in case my sons wanted to eat it all by itself). What I also did was spread some peanut butter on top or pour some honey.. hmm yummy..

Abe awe requested that I made banana muffin in the cake's tray.. he's bringing it to school as his breakfast. (I would have preferred to bake in the muffin cups but he insisted on the cake's tray).. so it ended up that the muffin was cooked on the outer part whilst the inner section was not.. hehehe..)

The end result. I cut some slices to bring to work. great for breakfast or tea :D


Fena said...

nampak pancakes cik kasmah macam menarik aje....:D

umiyumi said...

senang aje kitty.. tak susah pun. nak wat pun sekejap aje ;)