Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dining Out @ Medan Selera Setiawangsa (opposite Sek. Keb. Setiawangsa)

Last night we decided to dine out at a local food court not far from our home. We enjoyed the noodle and western food here. There are 3 western stalls that open at night (including one which is owned by Nadia AF6's family). My choice is the HM Western Cafe.
If you order from this stall, please be patient since it will take time for your food to be prepared. But at the end, the result is worth the wait. I wasn't too happy when I first ordered from here. But when I like the taste, quality and the servings, I have become a regular customer.
We were told that the owner used to be a hotel chef. He would also recommend whether the food is ok or not. For instance if you order beef steak but the beef has not been marinated long enough, he would recommend that you order something else.

Yiyi the happy go lucky boy
Mi Sup
Sup campur
Nasi Putih + ikan kering + ulam dan sambal
Fries for the kiddos
Nugget set
Chicken Chop with blackpepper sauce

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