Sunday, July 06, 2008

Current Books Read

These are books and dvd borrowed from my friends.

P.S. I Love You novel by Cecelia Ahern and also in dvd (storyline has been changed a bit in the dvd). Both were lent by Kak Ina, from Sg Petani. Tq kak ina :)

P. S. I love you - the novel

P. S. I Love You the movie, starring Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler

Play Dirty by Sandra Brown, borrowed from Kak Ti, Kelantan. Tq KakTi.. hehe.. I've tried looking for other Sandra Brown's novels but failed. Another of my friend told me that she could only find this book at the book store.. hmm

Another book borrowed from Kak Ina, SP. This is another great read!

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