Thursday, February 19, 2009

Agrotek Garden Resort, Ulu Langat

Actually this is my hubby's assignment : to survey the place for their office's team building programme. and of course i too, am interested since i have never set foot on this place..

parking area, of course

compound area in front of chalet. i guess people who come here for family day etc can organize telematch in this area

and of course, the river nearby

eating area

washbasin.. if u bring kids, don't worry u can sit her/him in the kid's chair

not sure about what's on the left. i guess it's a chalet, and it's overlooking the water

the entrance, of course

table setting for five

buffet table

wow.. nice place to enjoy your food

bedding in the chalet

outside the chalet, two betawi chairs

seminar room

flying fox.. ops this activity is called flying fox, but that involved human 'flying', not fox ok? har har har... (by the way, i used to enjoy this activity too)

hoo yeayyy

the stage.. anyone woud like to sing today?

and also a place for karaoke

souvenir shop

small waterfall


and you can also take a dip here. splashing in cold water... uuu.. lovely :)
and that was my report thru what i can see from the pics hehehe


haslina razali said...

lawa eh spot dia especially part air terjun mini tuh... boleh mandi ke sungai tuh?

umiyumi said...

boleh mandi, kak ina.. gambar yg last tu pun ada org dok mandi tp malas nak letak terpampang kang tak pasal2 kena saman skodeng org mandi hahahaha.. tp tmpt ni utk group booking aje boleh la. kalu weekend, org dtg mandi manda camtu..