Monday, June 08, 2009

Trip to KHM Strawberry Farm, Cameron Highlands - 30 May 2009
Pic : The equatorial hotel.
On our way back to my hubby's hometown, we decided to stop by Cameron Highlands.

on the right is raju's strawberry farm

kea farm is on the left.

and off we headed to khm strawberry farm to grab some strawberry yoghurt

and strawberry ice cream with strawberry topping :) (@ RM2)

yiyi with his ice cream

and strawberry

abe awe smiled with delights

really happy to be there once again

pots of strawberry plants

the farm's counter selling strawberry based products

yumm yumm

i only bought a bottle of topping and homemade jam

and of course, the fruit itself


haslina razali said...

tak faham dan jeles sikit sikit napa boleh sesat kat sini(sambil garu kepala) huhuhuhu tak aci tul

umiyumi said...

hahaha mmg sengaja sesat kat situ.. jgn mareee :D