Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another interest
Besides baking, I love to decorate my home as well. But since my boys are hyperactive kids, all the time is spent on cleaning and tidying up.. (sigh) They usually sleep late during these school break and like to eat after midnight.. so in the morning you can expect sticky floor due to spilled syrup, cookie crumbs and even sugar! but there's always food on the table in case they got hungry.
But now they're much bigger and understand well enough to stay off my things so I can look into spicying up the house a bit. not too much, at least in corners where they don't feel the 'itch' to start messing up.. :p


haslina razali said...

lawalah yg pot tingkat2 tu beli kat mana nampak so sweet especially with that yellow caler

umiyumi said...

yg tu kirim kat member yg pegi China few years back. murah giloss. kat kl dulu ader, tp mahal.. skang kedai tu pun dah tadak huahuahuah.. :D cute cam tuan dia kan kan?

haslina razali said...

ah ah kiut miut very d canggih hahahahah tepek gak gambar salt and pepper shaker tuh kui kui kui