Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chocolate Cake

I was thinking about baking brownies today but then dh came home with a box of cake. a gift from his friend. the cake came with choc topping and we added our own choc. rice :D
since we are out of birthday candles, this candle would do. the boys were waiting for abah to light up the candle

peace.. yeayy.. it's my birthday!! yiyi said hehe..
anyway it's a nice way to celebrate mother's day with my family..


haslina razali said...

eeee tak pakai baju awe dua org nih... tak sejuk ke? kui kui kui...

Fena said... rasa macam negidam plak nak makan choc kek...lagi best kalau buat sendiri...sebab puashati leh makan banyak-banyak..:D....anyway..Happy Mother's day to you!