Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sukan Tadika Adik-adik 2009 @ Stadium Titiwangsa on 24th May

yiyi and abe awe with his prizes

yiyi won third place. actually their team was leading but there was some misunderstanding when his teacher thought all players have completed their round, but actually there's one more round to go. never mind, at least yiyi has won his first trophy :)

abe awe waiting anxiously to go inside the stadium

waiting outside

with his team

getting his prize from Mrs How

dancing to the beat of the song


Fena said...

tahniah yiyi...ramainyer classmate yiyi ni....:-)

umiyumi said...

sebenarnya tu dari 2 buah tadika tu. tadika adik2 1 dan 2.. :D