Friday, February 12, 2010

Citrus Pokan

how many types of oranges do you know?
this is called pokan or perhaps ponkan

'Ponkan' ('Chinese Honey Orange')–round to oblate; large, 2 3/4-3 3/16 in (7-8 cm) wide; peel orange, smooth, furrowed at apex and base; medium thick; pulp salmon-orange, melting, with 9-12 segments, very juicy, aromatic, sweet, of very fine quality and with few seeds. Tree not as cold-hardy as 'Dancy', small, upright; can be maintained as a "dwarf' and in China, where the fruit is greatly prized, may be planted 900 to the acre (2,224/ha). R.C. Pitman, Jr., of Apopka, Florida, organized the Florida Ponkan Corporation in 1948, served as its President, and has continuously promoted the culture of this delicious fruit.

ohh hoo...

now, since CNY is just around the corner, mandarin oranges can be found everywhere right from the roadside stalls to hypermarkets..

but this orange has drawn my attention.. because of it's slogan or caption"Juicy, sweet and sour taste sweet, good taste alone, at home and abroad, said the. "

hmm.. what does that mean? said the what? anyway, the fruit is good and juicy enough :)

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