Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday!!!
Yiyi celebrated his 5th birthday on 21st August. However there was no cake since abe awe was down with fever and we decided to postpone his birthday party to after raya. Meanwhile, to make it up to him, we bought him a choc cake the day after and he could eat as much as he wanted while we watched (because it was the first day of the fasting month!) hehehehe.. anyway here's some delayed pics.

choc cake bought at giant nearby

birthday boy with his bro and aunt, Su Na


haslina razali said...

aiyo sudah 5 tahun kaaa? umi bila laa kita nak dapat menantu eh? time tu aku jemput ko pehtu ko jemput aku auwwwww... hik hik hik
bagitau yiyi auntie lina says heppy besday and sents a lot of love muahhhhsss cium sikit kat pipi yg comel tuh

umiyumi said...

waaa takmo la dpt menantu lagi kecik lagi hehe tak puas nak manja2 dgn dia.. orait nanti umi sampaikan wishes dari nenek ehh auntie lina hehehe..